• We're a non-profit

    organization working to

    build sustainable communities

    rural inclusion

    financial inclusion


    Committed to sustainable development goals

    SAUSA ASSOCIATION was founded in 2014 in South Africa. SAUSA ASSOCIATION is a non-profit organization working to build sustainable communities that subscribe to sustainable development goals of their country and that of the United Nations.

    Today, we work on campaigns across South Africa to supporting sustainable development communities.


    Since then, we’ve marched across the country to raise awareness about the real effect of climate change in our world. We want to make a movement. The only way to build the future we want is to build communities using sustainable development sources.


    We will not just wait. We are going to lead by example for others to do the same. Climate change is real and we can do something about it: leave fossil fuels and commit to 100% renewable energy.

    We work with charities that help us provide the means to make our work a success

  • Current Projects

    Your support and contribution for social impact. We have a pragmatic and hands-on approach to building solutions to (1) scale up sustainable value chains, (2) maximize social and environmental impacts and (3) improve the viability of community enterprises. Alongside a large number of partners and co-creators, SAUSA creates initiatives to develop business prototypes, business models, scaling-up solutions, financial solutions and market access

    Sustainable Development

    Clean water, renewable energy, toilets, cooking stoves for rural communities. We support and offer assistance to community enterprises that have a social-environmental impact and a demonstrated potential to grow and scale up. We develop Paths to Development as a methodology to build customized development trajectories for individual community businesses and to monitor their progress.

  • We're a non-profit organization working to build sustainable communities for all.

    Here's how all of us will get there:

    Switch to 100% Renewable Energy. Solar PV solutions for Agriculture, water, and food preservation.

    Renewable Energy

    Develop Processes And systems to help communities. Share these with the whole community.

    Sustainable Systems And Processes

    Commit communities to sustainable initiatives that contribute towards SDG. Food for all, clean water.

    Country And United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

  • AgriGrid

    Agriculture Solar Solutions For Urban And Rural areas

    Fruit And Vegetables

    Solar Powered Chillers

    Reducing food waste


    Solar Powered Freezers

    Reducing food waste



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    Sustainable Development And Climate Change